Our instructors

Certified Fluid Dynamics Instructors who have met and exceeded the number of training hours of studying with us are listed below. A lot of people have attempted to copy our techniques, but are neither trained nor Certified to do so. Instructors listed below have demonstrated proficiency in teaching Fluid Dynamics and contribute to both research and development of training technique daily. If someone claims to be a Certified Instructor but is not listed below, they are simply not one of us.

Instructors Correct Version

Abby Tincher Davis

Florence, Alabama
Spring Hill, Tennessee
Instructors Correct Version

Adrienne Walker-Chery

Atlanta Metro/Norcross, Georgia
Instructors Correct Version

Alex MacLean

Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Instructors Correct Version

Amy Harper

West Lafayette, Indiana
angie buckem

Angie Buckem

Atlanta/Dunwoody, Georgia
Instructors Correct Version

Anna Lauterbach

Pittsburg/Western, Pennsylvania
Instructors Correct Version

April Damron Charles

Jenkins/Pikeville, Kentucky
Instructors Correct Version

Arin Oppermann

Madison, Wisconsin
Beaver Dam , Wisconsin
Janesville, Wisconsin
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Instructors Correct Version

Ashley O'Beirne-Stever

Wyckoff, New Jersey
Bergen County, New Jersey
Instructors Correct Version

Audra VanBrandt

Ottawa Lake, Michigan
Brighton, Michigan
Instructors Correct Version

Beth Hagedorn

Irwin, Iowa
blake bochette

Blake Bochette

Schaghticoke, New York
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Our Instructors in training

Instructors who are currently studying with us working towards their certification are listed below:

  • Ashley Ventura — Jackson, Farmingdale, NJ
  • Crystal Perry — Owensboro, KY
  • Danielle Gizoski — Edmonton, Alberta
  • Jean Toler — Dublin, CA
  • Jen Hoar — Westford, MA
  • Junior Burns — Booneville, Mississippi
  • Kristen Coffay — Allentown, PA
  • Kristina Karagiorgis — Ashburn, Virginia
  • Paige Wolters — Jackson Springs, North Carolina
  • Rivers Andrews — Durham, NC
  • Sami Michaelis — Cincinnati, OH
  • Stephanie Tylicki — Toledo, OH
  • Tonia Kiestler — Knoxville, TN
  • Margie Knight — Salisbury, Maryland
  • Crystal OBrien — Youngstown, Ohio
  • Kendra Pate — Houston, Texas
  • Elizabeth Price — Austin, Texas
  • Shellie Wimpey — Rockingham, North Carolina

DISCLOSURE:  Each instructor is an independent agent.  Tincher Pitching Certification indicates that they have completed a very thorough training program with us, and have achieved the necessary criteria to assure that they are competent in every aspect of our form.  That is the limit of our association.   As independent agents each instructor is responsible for his or her own actions.  They do not work for our company and we cannot be liable for any injury or other risk that may occur through your working with them.