Elizabeth Price

Austin, TX & Flatonia, TX

Elizabeth Price graduated from Texas A&M in 2014 and has been coaching softball ever since.   After playing in high school and working for the Aggie softball program her love for the game has kept her involved with the sport via coaching High School ball, volunteering with a local softball non-profit, and giving pitching lessons.  She loves teaching and empowering the next generation of softball athletes to be the best they can be!  Elizabeth also loves the community aspect of the sport and is so thankful for all she has had the honor of meeting through it!

Let’s hear from Elizabeth as to her reasons for choosing Tincher Pitching Development Systems.  “What a gift our Tincher community has been to my development as a pitching instructor!  When I started coaching in 2014 I found myself frustrated with the talking points I had been taught as a pitcher growing up.  Certain things just did not line up any more with what I knew of the female body and my teaching did not feel biomechanically sound.  I was doing some research when I came across Tincher.  Denny was kind enough to chat and ever since then I have been blown away with the zeal he and the people surrounding him have for the skill of pitching.  This community makes pitching FUN, and keeps our athletes safe while doing so.  I remember feeling so much excitement at my first training – I just wanted to cheer for everything being communicated to the athletes and shout “YES.  Y’all, this makes so much sense!”  The biomechanics they were already discussing was way ahead of anything else out in the public sphere.”

Here is what Denny has to say about Elizabeth.  “She brings an incredibly positive energy into the room.  The kids connect with her instantly and she just has a special way of communicating with them.  She is smart, humble, dedicated, and always curious about better ways to do things.  She adds much to our team.”

Elizabeth serves in Austin, TX and Flatonia, TX.  You can email at:  139softball@gmail.com

Phone:  979.743.5643