Jo Keller

San Leon/Galveston County, Texas

Jo Keller spent 14 years as a youth coach, right up to the highest levels of travel ball.  She also spent twenty years as a pitching instructor, and now is a part of Tincher Pitching.  So, with that much experience, what would bring her to our organization.  Read on as Jo talks about her journey:

“When my own daughter first began to learn to pitch I realized right away there was more than one method involved.  I helped my daughter with her pitching by keeping an open mind and a lot of trial and error, finding out what made sense and what didn’t make sense. It was extremely difficult at the time because so much out there didn’t make sense.

After she went off to college, I continued to search for safer and better methods for my pitchers.  As an instructor, a lot of the times I could see what my students needed or an issue they had that could lead to injury, but how to access it?  How to change the current movement to a safer more effective movement when current methods just weren’t working?

As I was researching different methods I came across Denny Tincher’s website.  Denny had a similar background like I did, just trying to do the best for his daughter, I felt we must have gone through the same things that I had and decided to give him a call.

Well it wasn’t long after that phone call with Denny that I was on the road to Georgia where he was giving a camp and I was excited to find out what this was all about.  My worst fear was that I wouldn’t get anything out of it that I didn’t already know.

Boy was I wrong!  What a pleasure it was to find a group of instructors with the same mindset of just wanting what was best for their pitchers through safe and effective techniques.  The information I gained at the first seminar was enormous!  No way
could I just stop there!  After every seminar I just can’t wait to get back to my students and show them new methods that may help them perform a movement better.  One of the things I like the best is a lot of times it really isn’t about addressing where you think the problem is in a pitcher.  The problem often lies elsewhere, one small glitch can lead to a domino effect that will manifest in a different part of the body.  So fixing B, fixes A!  I love it!

Nothing beats the collective mind of so many different instructors with different backgrounds and experiences all coming together to share knowledge for a common goal.  I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this incredible group!”

Here is what Denny says about Jo:

“The first time Jo came to train with us, I think she was in shock.  Somebody besides her actually challenged conventional thinking and she could see a huge difference in our kids.  She sat on the sidelines scribbling notes furiously.  I would drag her onto the floor to help with the kids and she would run back to her notebook to add information.  We love that in an Instructor.  The teacher is the student, even though she has done this for 20-years.  Always growing, always learning, always looking for a better way.  That’s a great quality in our group”.