Kira Staley

Vancouver, British Columbia

Kira Staley grew up in Surrey, BC playing softball for the Surrey Storm Fastpitch Association in which she has played on the same team for 11 years and counting. After high school, she pitched for the Douglas College Royals for two seasons and helped lead the team to a 32-0 regular season record her freshman year. Although she has loved playing softball over the years, Kira is now focusing on her studies in school as well as growing as a coach and pitching instructor. “I always knew I Ioved this sport but I became so much more passionate about it when I began teaching and seeing the impact I could have on my students. I’m excited to continue to learn from and for my students and give back to this sport, as it has helped shape the person I am today.”

 Why did Kira choose Tincher Pitching?  She says,  “When I first started training with Tincher Pitching, my mind was truly blown wide open. I never could have imagined the possibilities and the new found potential I witnessed in pitching. I want to thank Denny as well as all of the other instructors I have had the opportunity to work with so far because they have sparked a new found passion for me in this sport, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I am beyond excited to become a Certified Instructor and be able to represent Tincher Pitching in Canada. I am first and foremost a student of this game and I look forward to learning more and more each day to better myself as an instructor and as a human being.”

 Here is what Denny says about Kira.  “She is so genuine, humble, and just loves the kids.  They relate to her instantly and she is able to draw great things from them.  They know she cares, she demonstrates the knowledge, and kids respond.  We are lucky to be surrounded by people like Kira”.