Jean Toler

San Francisco Bay Area - Dublin, CA

Jean Toler graduated from California State University, Hayward after playing four years of collegiate softball and earning her B.A. in Sociology. She continued her pitching career playing in the Netherlands before returning home, starting a family, and building a successful marketing career within the engineering industry. Jean has served as a coach and pitching instructor for local school, recreation, and travel teams; provided various pitching clinics; and has been a private instructor for over 10 years. Jean lives in Dublin, CA with her husband and three children and currently provides private and group pitching instruction in the East Bay.


Here is what Jean has to say about joining Tincher Pitching Development Systems. “Being a part of the Tincher organization has filled something in me that I didn’t know I was missing. I came to Tincher as an instructor searching for a better way and found it that very first training weekend. I was on complete information overload, but already my mind was buzzing with how these methodologies, movements, and demonstrations could be applied to my pitchers back in the Bay Area. Heck, I wanted to take my own lesson and apply it to my own pitching! I was ready for this and so thrilled to be a part of this organization. 


What I wasn’t prepared for was the level of support I was going to get throughout the Certified Tincher Instructors group! Wow! As instructors, we often work with our pitchers one-on-one or in small groups, it’s up to us to help our pitchers solve the challenges they encounter. But with the Tincher network of Certified Instructors, we are constantly sharing information and videos, and working together to crowd-source solutions. I feel like an entire team has my back; and we all know how important it is for pitchers to feel confident in their teams!”


Here is what Denny says about Jean.  “From the very first meeting we thought she was wonderful.  She has such positive energy, to which kids immediately respond.  She is always a student, eager to learn, dedicated to doing the very best job for her own students.  She represents us well on the west coast.”