Erica Bonnette

Erica Bonnette’s love for softball became evident on the field but her competitive side showed even more in how she worked in learning the details. Through her playing career she was that catcher who went to her pitcher’s lessons and also asked questions. She knew the importance of building a strong communication with the pitcher and helping her achieve her goals in order for the team to win. This would lead to her building a career of winning around so many pitchers with the will to work and compete.

As a Head coach at the collegiate, high school, and travel ball level Coach Erica appreciates the value of developing the whole person and the athlete. Her career as a Head coach comes with plenty of W’s and Championships (215-44-1) but it is the love for helping others achieve their goals that drives her passion for the game. Coach Erica is now working in North Louisiana primarily as a Pitching Coach as well as with the Louisiana Bombers Pitching Staff.

Here is why Erica chose to join Tincher Pitching:  “I wanted to pursue a career in developing the best of the best on the mound. I have had plenty of opportunities to coach great Athletes.” Coach Erica has spent 16 years developing her philosophy and surrounding herself with others in building a strong knowledge of helping her players with their mental game, building a strong work ethic, and the will to compete. “I chose Tincher Pitching because I saw a group of coaches who valued the process and not just teaching drills. I always want my students to know why I am asking them to spend time on developing a skill. Tincher Pitching has taught me so much about developing the layers needed to become an elite pitcher and they have given me such a tremendous amount of support through my training with them. I cannot wait to see how this next season of my coaching will positively impact my students and their ability to reach their potential.”

Here is what Denny likes about Erica, “She pays attention.  I mean it this way.  Erica is watching and absorbing at a different level.  She figures out every detail, but also makes sure she understands the why and how.  I rarely meet anyone who digs so deeply into things.”