Mackenzi Steele

Lincoln, Nebraska

Mackenzi Steele is originally from Winchester, Virginia. She was a Howard University pitcher (’18 & ’19) and graduate. She led them to a historic season in 2019. Mackenzi broke the school record for single season strike outs, finished first in saves in the MEAC conference, third in wins, and fourth in strike outs. Howard received their first win in the conference tournament since 2011 with Mackenzi in the circle. She is now currently working as a graduate assistant with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s softball team while pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Administration. Go Cornhuskers! Mackenzi has a passion for teaching, growing the game, and most importantly for people. She loves college softball and everything college sports has to offer. She has aspirations of being a division one head coach one day!

Mackenzi has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of Tincher Pitching. She says, “There is no denying that Denny Tincher is the reason we were first intrigued in this organization. Right away Denny is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and the most impressive pitching coach you have ever seen. The Tincher Organization stands for all of this and more. The focus on player and athlete development is incredible and the results are unmatched. The organization holds itself to a high standard and pushes me to be a better coach each and every day. The Tincher approach to pitching gives so many girls hope when they have lost it due to injury or plateauing, and this alone makes Tincher Pitching special. Focusing on helping girls achieve their dreams through healthy and competitive means is number one on the Tincher Organization priority list. Everything we do makes sense and feels natural on the female body. My girls always know the ‘why’ behind what we do and it makes them more self-aware athletes and true pitchers! Tincher Pitching is changing the world of pitching forever and I am thankful/excited to be a part of it!”

Here is what Denny says about Mackenzi.  “The first time I met her, I knew she was special and I immediately began asking her to help me train younger pitchers.  She was still in high school, but had a special love for the kids.  Having been through the transition to our approach so successfully, she was “all in”.  She was one of the hardest working students I had seen, and she brings that same dedication to instructing. What a great addition to our group.”