Doug Peterson

Fort Wayne/Monroe, Indiana

Doug Peterson has done it all…former college athlete at Purdue University, Subway Restaurant Franchisee, K-12 Physical Education teacher, realtor and the current Pitching Coach at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Doug is married to Deatra Peterson and they have 3 children; Sydnee, Whitney and Chase. Doug has coached every level of softball from junior leagues, high school, travel ball and currently collegiately. Doug has a passion for softball and helping kids reach their dreams.


Here is what Doug has to say about our organization:
“I stumbled upon Tincher Pitching when an athlete of mine had to have Tommy John’s surgery. Soon after, another girl that I was working with started complaining of pain, so I knew I needed help. After some research, I found a Tincher Certified Instructor and began working with her. I knew I had found the answers to what I had been looking for. Since then, I have totally changed how I teach and my athletes are thriving and spending less time in the training room. Getting my certification was definitely a challenge, but I am so thankful for the training.”

Here is what Denny says about Doug: 

“Not only was Doug open to new ideas, which is sometimes humbles college coaches, he grasped them immediately and was excited to see the results.  Our Certified Instructor in his region was so impressed with his enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly that she recommended Doug for our group.  He had the extensive background in softball that we require, but he also brought an intense curiosity, always looking for better ways to do things.”