Jen Pockrus

Spanish Fort, Alabama

Jen Pockrus began playing softball at a very young age, but it wasn’t until her 8th grade year that her team needed a pitcher.  That year she began weekly pitching lessons, and eventually became the starting varsity pitcher for her high school team.  Feeling as though she was always trying to “catch up” to more experienced pitchers, she went on to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  After some time without softball, the opportunity to coach it was presented.

Throughout many years as a high school teacher and then an elementary teacher, she coached or assisted travel ball teams, middle school and high school teams, ran off-season training, began giving softball pitching and hitting lessons (to many players who have now went on to play at the collegiate level), and also conducted many softball clinics.  In 2016, Jen decided to combine her love of teaching and her love of softball to begin full time hitting and pitching instruction.  She and her husband currently own Coastal Sports Academy, a softball and baseball training facility in South Alabama, where they plan to raise their two children, and continue growing the game in the area.

Why did Jen choose to study with Tincher Pitching Development Systems? “After talking to Denny a few times, I knew this organization had done extensive research on the body and its movements.  They had developed a formula to easily store and transfer energy in the pitch, without causing stress to the body, and even better, they could teach it in a way that made so much sense! I quickly learned that Tincher is so much more than a technique or certification.  It is a continuous learning experience where some of the best in the business come together to discuss new ideas, to ask questions, and to constantly help players break down barriers and reach their potentials, mentally and physically.  Denny’s determination to help instructors learn safe techniques for pitchers is unmatched! I am so excited to be a part of the Tincher program!”


Here is what Denny says about Jen.  “She wants do to it right.  Jen asks incredibly insightful questions, challenges me to assure that things work in ways she can understand and teach, and she never takes my word for it.  She wants to see the results in her students and loves to see video evidence from our library.  I like her dedication to providing her students the best possible resources.”