hillary hon

Hillary Hon

Ottawa, IL; Moline, Illinois

Hillary Hon is from Ottawa Illinois. She started her love of softball at the young age of 4 in the Oak Park T Ball league. She pitched for Ottawa High School and played for Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida (NCAA DIV II), where she first started utilizing the Tincher methodology. After a short break and studying in Kathmandu, Nepal, Hillary’s attention is back to softball while working on her master’s degree in Cultural Education Policy Studies at Loyola University in Chicago. Over the years, Hillary’s been learning from and working with Jonathan Hon, her favorite pitching coach and father. Hillary’s background as an ESL and preschool teacher, has proven to be an asset when working with both new and young pitchers. She is patient and works very hard to break down the training and drills for a young pitcher to understand and utilize. Hillary is excited to work with pitchers to safely work on their craft.

Here is what Hillary has to say about Tincher Pitching:  “As a Tincher pitcher myself, I often wished my dad would have found this method earlier in my pitching experience. This is why I was eager to learn how to teach and work with pitchers. Pitchers should not be pushing through the pain while on the mound. I had multiple injuries as a young athlete including lower back pain at just 9 years old. I understand the frustration in trying to come back after an injury and hope I can prevent others from having similar experiences. It is amazing to see how quickly some are able to see improvements in their speed but also how their body tends to feel so much better just after a few adjustments. I am excited to be part of an organization that doesn’t stop learning and improving to ensure that pitchers become the best they can be, safely.”

Denny is excited to have Hillary on board.  He says, “The next generation is emerging and we feel they will do an even better job because they came through this system.  Hillary is one of those.  Having worked with Hillary in the past, and now working alongside her, it is so exciting to watch the way she relates to the kids, brings her own experiences into the lessons, and knows exactly what they are thinking and feeling because just a few years ago she was in their shoes.  Knowing that she has trained extensively with her father, Jonathan, is invaluable.  I have so much respect for the work he has done.  Hillary brings so much to the table that we have high expectations for her.”