Maureen Kleczkowski

Rockaway Township, New Jersey
Due to increasing demand, Maureen is no longer accepting new students at this time.

Maureen Kleczkowski pitched for Misericordia University and loves the game so much that she continues to play competitive softball today.  In addition to playing, Maureen coaches and consults for several teams.  Residing in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, she has been an independent pitching instructor for many years.  Maureen is driven by seeing her students excited about the progress they are making as they learn and continue to develop their pitching skills.  She believes in the importance of understanding how the body works in order to develop safe and effective pitching techniques for her students.


So, why did Maureen gravitate to Tincher Pitching?  She says:  “Before I started working with Denny, my daughter suffered an L5 stress fracture, directly related to her pitching motion.  After suffering through the discomfort of a back brace for three months and completing physical therapy, we knew we needed to change her mechanics so as to avoid an injury again.  The very first weekend that we started working with Denny, I knew that Fluid Dynamics was the game changer that my daughter and I were seeking.  My daughter is back to pitching without pain, and she is pitching better than before her injury.  More importantly, she loves pitching again!  I was amazed at how much research Denny and his team put into making girls better and preventing injury.  It really is a science.  Teaching students how their bodies work most efficiently enables them to make adjustments based on how they are feeling and the results they are getting.  I love that each drill we do has a purpose and is result-driven for instant feedback.  Our team of instructors and researchers provides me with endless opportunities for growth and learning which I carry back to my students.  Fluid Dynamics is not just a fancy term; it represents the time-tested philosophy and proven science behind our teaching methods.”

This is what Denny has to say about Maureen:  “When a former college pitcher becomes the parent of a pitcher, they often begin to ask questions they never considered before.  They want to do it right and that seems to lead them to us.  Maureen had the background, the curiosity, the open mind, and the passion for teaching that we wanted, so she was an easy choice.  Injury prevention, maximizing potential, and finding ways to help kids take it to the next level are obsessions she brings to the group, and we love having her work with us”.