Natalie Seney

Salem, Oregon

Natalie Seney attended Cascade high school and played softball all four years. During this time, she was the starting pitcher for three years. Natalie was backed by an amazing team during her junior year and ended the season with an ERA of 0.45. This ERA was achieved even with an ATV accident resulting in a broken collar bone during the season.  Although she was sidelined, Natalie was at every game and practice, but most importantly she was there to help her relief.  Natalie helped this pitcher grow and believe in herself as she was forced onto the mound. This was difficult for Natalie, but she was able to help her teammate grow mentally and Natalie was able to grow as a peer mentor and friend. This helped Natalie as she came back from her injury during the Oregon State semi-finals. She threw 6 innings while only giving up one run ultimately losing the game. Natalie bounced back during her senior with a 0.68 ERA and only 2 losses, both to the same team. She then went onto college to play softball, only for her career to be ended after her first year due to bone and cartilage deterioration in her shoulder.

With Natalie’s pitching career over, she knew she had the ability to guide and teach the younger generation, so she began providing pitching lessons. With her history, Natalie wanted to ensure she didn’t instruct her students incorrectly so she began seeking different pitching styles.  This led to her meeting Denny Tincher and adopting his method.


 Here is what Natalie says about joining our organization.  “This group has been nothing short of amazing and I feel very blessed to be part of it. I first met with Denny and was immediately amazed. I was impressed with the connection he has with his students and his pitching method makes sense both in theory and practice. After the first day of instruction, I practiced the Tincher method and knew I couldn’t teach anything else. It feels so natural in my shoulder. I was then afforded the opportunity to meet other instructors.  I was blown away by the connection they have with each other. Their willingness to provide peer support while learning this new system has been unparalleled. I have learned so much already and I’m excited to continue my education with Denny. The instructors utilizing the Tincher method is a unit with the same goal; everyone is working together to better each pitcher. This organization is truly unique.”

What does Denny have to say about Natalie?  “The first thing is that smile.  It breaks down barriers with kids and they engage with her immediately.  Beneath that is a toughness that the kids latch onto immediately, and they sense that working with her is going to be both fun and challenging.  She is talented, inquisitive, and so enthusiastic to learn.  She will add much to our organization.”