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Our objective is to bring together the best and brightest minds.  This allows us to collaborate, conduct research, and use our education, background, and experiences to make us all better.  Instructors have many frustrations and questions.  Is this a physical or mental challenge?  Why does this drill work with one student but not another?  Why are the majority of my students stuck at a certain level?  Could better strength and activation programs help my kids?  Where do I get those?  How can I objectively evaluate, score, and develop pitchers of various ages, sizes, body types, and experience levels?  How can I create a roadmap to success and track every single student every week?

These are things we can do for you.  Assessment, testing, and designing pathways for each individual student.  You will be provided with the knowledge and skills to help each kid maximize, and you will have access to experts in each category. 

We need more Instructors who are passionate about getting results and will join us in the exciting research we are doing.  Realize we are incredibly selective about the people we choose.  We prefer former college pitchers or college players who had experience pitching.  

It is hard to replace the experience that only comes from having dealt with all different types of coaches, dealing with injuries, pushing yourself through 6am weight lifting, having been through frustration and success on the field, and having been part of a team through good and bad.  A former college softball player has been there, done that, sees things from the player’s standpoint. 

We want people who have demonstrated a commitment to work with pitchers.  Your background and experience must show that effort.  Simply email Denny Tincher,

Within that email, tell us about your pitching background. 

  • Tell us what you have done to improve your skills.
  • How many hours per week do you envision doing lessons?
  • Share your passion for helping these young ladies, and why it is important to you.
  • Tell us where you live and where you currently instruct pitchers.
  • Include your contact information.