About us

Each student is our focus.

Every student is an individual.  Each has strengths and weaknesses, fears and frustrations, individual goals and unique ways of learning.  Our approach must be specific to that individual, responsive to her needs, and designed to give her the very best chance of success.  

Our Certified Instructors spend enormous amounts of time together, sharing things we learned through education, experience, and continued training.  Together our members have over 1,000 combined years training pitchers.  Within the group you will find an incredible number of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees, most in fields that help us better prepare pitchers.   

the developmental approach.

With hundreds of pitchers who took their skills to the D1 college level, others who chose levels more suited to their educational goals, Women’s College World Series  performers, and professional athletes, we learned much along the way. “Development” became the key word.  We look at the entire athlete, physically, mentally, emotionally, and combine that with efficient movement patterns that allow her to be strong and remain healthy.