Dani Sowder

Cleveland, TN , Chattanooga, TN

Dani Sowder was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee. Dani started playing softball at an early age and started pitching at age 8. She played through High School at Walker Valley and two years in

College. Dani has been a coach and conducted numerous camps/clinics, and provided private lessons for over the last 4yrs. She has helped guide several girls to their softball careers. Dani is an assistant Coach and a full time pitching instructor at The Mission in

Cleveland, Tennessee. Dani is devoted to providing individualized instruction to help each player reach their goals and to play at the next level. While speed is important so are the proper mechanics and technique. Dani’s approach is focused heavily on location and

believes with work and proper technique the speed will come. She also believes the mental aspects of the game are key and cover both on and off the field development.

Why did Dani choose to study with Tincher Pitching Development Systems?  Here is what she had to say:  “I learned how to pitch at age 8. I had wonderful pitching coaches along the way and was taught the “Hello Elbow” style. I wasn’t extremely fast, but I had all of my pitches and was a great location pitcher. I was injured my freshman year of high school. I slowed down and even stopped other sports tolet my back heal, but it wasn’t till my 3rd MRI and 2yrs later that I still had pain and numbness and was told I still had cracks in my L1-L3. I was told I would never be able to handle a college practice and that pretty much my softball career was over. The end of my Junior year I started looking for different pitching techniques to try and see if I could work around my back injury. I started the whip method trying to get ready for my senior year, but I could never really get constant training in my area and I didn’t really have a coach that understood my back issues. I continued playing and even played 2yrs at a small college not far from home.


Since I was 14yrs old I’ve wanted to be a coach and a pitching instructor, but I knew I wanted to teach the whip method and I wanted as much knowledge as possible, especially on rehabbing injured athletes. It wasn’t till my mom told me about Denny Tincher and she literally begged me for 2yrs to watch his videos and make a phone call. I started watching Denny’s videos and I was intrigued.

We were always told if you weren’t a certain height you would never pitch much out of the low 60’s. I’ve also seen so many girls with hip, back, and elbow issues, including myself, (elbow) that I wanted to learn as much as possible to bring the knowledge back to my hometown so another girl wouldn’t have to go through what I went through.

Fast forward 2 years. I’ve had girls come in and within a few weeks of transitioning the speed and velocity is unreal. Zero pain and their stamina is a lot longer.


I Was privileged to work a pitching clinic with Denny and it was a huge highlight of my instructional career. I often wonder what my softball career could have been had I known Denny when I was injured. Denny thanks for taking a chance on a girl that didn’t have a big collegiate career in the circle, but has an enormous love for pitching.”


Here is what Denny says about Dani. “The first training clinic, I was very uncertain about Dani.  She stayed back, was very quiet, and I could not tell if she was absorbing anything.  By the second day, it was clear that Dani was soaking in everything, but didn’t want to step forward to help until she had a complete grasp of the concepts we were teaching.  Once we got her started, there was no stopping her.  She is absolutely, positively serious about being the best she can be.  We like this one.”


Here is how to find Dani Sowder:
Locations : Cleveland Tn , Chattanooga Tn

Contact : dani.pitching@gmail.com

Fb : Pitching With Dani

Website :www.pitchingwithdani.com

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