Why is Softball So Important?

The little girl came from a tough situation. There were a lot of directions she could take and most of them were not good. She discovered softball and we watched her blossom. This is not a story about a kid who went on to play at the highest levels in college. It was a kid who found a purpose, developed self-discipline, learned to deal with success and adversity, formed bonds with kids who were far different from her normal crowd, and went on to become a wonderful young lady.
A parent of a former player told me how their kid was once very clumsy and she was bullied through elementary school. She often came home crying and did not want to go to school or even leave her room. Then she discovered softball. She poured herself into the game, made sacrifices, and in high school she began to notice that the very kids who once taunted her had become her biggest fans. Her self-concept began to evolve. She graduated college with honors and the entire experience left her believing she could do anything.
Watching these sorts of transformations over the years gave me a new love of the game. We can make a difference in the lives of kids, and I began dreaming of impacting even more lives, never imagining it would lead to a new career where we would help dozens of pitchers each year earn college scholarships.
Many of us want to affect kids in a positive way, and softball is just one way to achieve it. Yes, it is thrilling to work with kids who win championships, excel in college, and break records. That is just a by-product of our real purpose. At the end of the day trophies will gather dust and we will forget about those championships that meant so much at the time. All the truly lasts is the impact we have on kids.

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