Thinking Outside The Box

We love our Tincher Pitching Certified instructors. They are the best in the business. Their students are healthy, successful, and they win. Our approach is completely different and our instructors love it. Together we are constantly learning and evolving. You see, we think it is a shame that hitting has improved so dramatically in the past 20 years but pitching has gone backward in many ways.

We think it is sad that today’s softball scores often reach double-digits, even in the college regionals and super regionals.
We think pitching can be better. We believe that you should question many of the drills that have been around since the 1980’s. Something is wrong when almost 30-percent of our new students come to see us because they are in pain. And, we realize that too many people think a strong wrist snap or weighted ball can solve everything. They want simple answers, but complicate something that is already simple by putting emphasis in the wrong places and create barriers that put unnecessary limits on kids. Too many people are imitating things they saw at a clinic or read on the internet without doing appropriate research.
If hitting instruction was like pitching, we would still be swinging wooden bats. Our company loves people who think outside the box and who believe we can do better. As our growth continues, we are looking for more of these types of instructors. We want those who are dedicated to the success of kids, who want kids to be healthy and successful, and we want people who are not satisfied with the results they are getting from their pitchers and want to find ways to do a better job.
We need more help, but we are incredibly selective. We prefer former college pitchers or college players who had experience pitching. We want people who want to give back to the game and who can’t get away from it. We will sometimes consider experienced instructors, but we are not interested in the same old approaches. We want open minded people who can challenge all of us to get better. We do not want dads or moms who are going through pitching and softball with their daughter for the first time. We cannot even consider it. Maybe after 20-years around the game, you will show an obsession for the game and track record of success we want. It is not personal. Our standards are high. We want people who want to do this full-time and put all of their time and energy into it.
We handle the training, help you market your business, help you with all of the details to become successful immediately. The training is intense and very comprehensive. We help you get established quickly so you can focus all of your energy on the thing you love…developing successful pitchers.
Why are we looking for more help? We are overwhelmed right now and cannot handle the demand. It bothers us to have to turn down kids. If you want to know more about our Instructor Development Program our email is

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