She needs to be understood.  This one is for parents and coaches. The chances of a great 12U pitcher still going strong in college are almost zero.  The chances of a great 18U pitcher being the number-1 pitcher at a good D1 school are very small.  Four or five pitchers almost always watch one or two do all of the work.

Not long ago, we met a wonderful kid with very significant ADHD.  A shift in our teaching made all of the difference in the world, and not just in her pitching.  The parents said it changed her outlook and behavior in every aspect of her life, as she understood advantages of her “gift” and how to exploit them.  We did not need to fix that kid, but to release the greatness within her. 

Recently we worked with a kid who had serious shoulder problems.  Repeated therapy offered no relief.  It took a few minutes to diagnose and correct the real physical problem, lower in the body, and the pain instantly disappeared.  The doctor and therapists did all they could to fix her shoulder, but nobody had taken the time to understand her underlying cause.  Now, we will put her through a proper strength assessment, then build a body that can support these stronger movements.

The clock was ticking on another kid, who had a college scholarship but could not pitch for pain.  She came to see if we could help.  When we described the issue, she refused to believe it until we showed her the video in super slow motion.  Finally, someone took the time to understand and explain exactly what was happening, so she could not wait to get to work.

Most athletes do not need to be fixed, but need to be understood, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. That takes effort, time, and energy…the same things we are asking from her. Lead the way!

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