pitch calling

Any great pitcher will tell you that great pitch calling can improve her game by 50-percent.  Poor calling goes in the other direction.  Few things in the game are as misunderstood by pitchers, catchers, and coaches.  Fortunately, in our organization, we have some incredibly experienced Instructors, over 100  who have succeeded at every level of softball.  The knowledge base is impressive.

We gathered a group of our Certified Instructors together for a special seminar on Pitch Calling, designed for coaches and athletes.  It is absolutely free and easy to access and we promise not use this to put you on some mailing list.  If you are like us, you will be surprised at the technical, strategic, and common sense things that you may not have known that you did not know.  It is just something we wanted to do for you.

Here is how you can gain access.


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