Honouring Parents We Love

Being a parent is tough. Knowing when to apply the brakes or gas is an art.

Our two daughters were vastly different, and things changed daily, so we had to monitor carefully to make sure we were involved in ways that would be most beneficial. Did we make mistakes? You bet. Kids are very forgiving, and showing them that you are willing to admit those mistakes and help them move in better directions can be a great example. It builds trust.

Good parents do not know they are good. They do not spend time on message boards bragging about how well their daughter is doing. They do not stand on the sidelines giving advice to other parents. They do not need affirmation from anyone, but simply look to see if the light in their little girl’s eyes is brighter than the day before, using that as motivation to do a better job the next day.

Good parents humble us. Their interest in doing the right things with their daughters creates a sense of responsibility in us, and motivates us to be sure we are doing our absolute best. We know the work will continue at home.

Good parents are the kind of people I want as friends. Over the years I have come to know some incredible people by working with their daughters. We may teach their daughters how to pitch. In return, they teach us how to be better people.

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