Measure against Olympic dreams.  When our older daughter began pitching, we had no pitching instructor and little knowledge.  We had one thing.  At 10-years old she began with a simple, very serious goal.  One day she wanted to pitch for the Olympic Team.  We measured everything from that day forward against that one goal. 

We studied video of the greatest pitchers in the game.   We asked ten thousand questions.  As we travelled outside of our little town, we learned there were actual pitching coaches, so we naively and excitedly asked them how many Olympic pitchers they had developed.  You know that answer.  How could we listen to someone who had never taken someone to the level she wanted?  We moved on, doing it ourselves.

As she broke records, everyone had input.  Unless they had proven results long-term, we moved on.  Her career was the stuff of dreams, and you can read more on our website.  If you have dreams that are so big that only you can see them, measure everything you do against those dreams.  The training you do must be proven.  The people doing it must have a proven track record for taking people to the level you desire.

There are a thousand ways to do it wrong.  For every single individual, there is probably only one way to do it exactly right.  Measure everything against the size of your dream

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