Always Scout Yourself

If you are not steadily progressing with age, it is time to ask tough questions.

You can’t just sit there hoping the magic will return. It takes planning, practicing with a purpose, a clear understanding of where you want to go, uncompromising work ethic, and a timeline to keep you on track. Why? Because the kids around you are doing it. That is also why you constantly search for the best instruction in every part of your game.

A lot of other kids are gaining on you. They have the advantage of having often tasted defeat and it was nasty. That motivates them to change the outcome. They may be involved in advanced strength training, they are getting bigger, they are taking advantage of increased body awareness so they understand athletic movements better, and that helps them to make needed changes to their motion. They are seeking advantages that come with better coaching, and they will study the game closely in order to learn ways to be more effective.

Success doesn’t just happen. Real competitors do not like losing. They make specific changes to make sure it does not happen again. They are hoping you will take your eyes off the prize, or continue to do things in the way you have always done them. This offers an easy passing lane for those who don’t like the view from behind.

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