You Might Be a Pitcher if….

Last year while working in Elkton, Maryland, with one of our Certified Instructors, I noticed a sign on the wall of her facility that was priceless. We had to share.

Here is what Shelly’s list said:
How I know I am a pitcher…
1-I have a closet full of left sneakers
2-I walk around the grocery store doing the pitching motion
3-I miss TV shows and parties to go to pitching lessons
4-I am the first one to team practice and the last one to leave
This was sort of fun. We just had to add a couple more.
5-Your right arm looks like Popeye but the left arm looks like Olive Oil.
6-You tell someone that “My team won today”. If you did not win you say “I lost today”.
7-Your parent can’t wait to show others their new bruise or stitches that prove you are throwing harder.
Okay, we realize that some of you throw with the left hand, so you need to reverse certain things on the list. Maybe you could just hold this up to the mirror and it would automatically reverse….oh, wait, maybe not.
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