How is your ball spinning?

Finally, a training tool that measures spin direction, spin rate, and works with every pitch.

The TruSpin from Tincher Pitching…

Some tools are great for detecting spin rate but not spin direction.  Some are good for measuring the direction of spin for a 4-seam, but not a two seam pitch.  The TruSpin does it all at a fraction of the cost of other tools.  And, because it is built to the specs of a game ball, you can use it in game-type situations.

Pitching instructors find it invaluable for getting spins just right.  However, the TruSpin  is also a great way to give pitchers instant feedback and to help parents and coaches spot problems with pitches.  The ability to measure results leads to consistency and excellence.

The TruSpin is also a great tool for helping you read the spin to improve other parts of the game.  Are your fielders throwing efficiently with great backspin?  Are your hitters achieving powerful swings with good backspin off the bat? 

The TruSpin can also be used to help hitters learn to identify the spin of various pitches.  One of the simplest, yet most useful tools ever developed, from Tincher Pitching.  The seam markings generally last more than 20-hours with constant use, but when used as a training tool for specific pitches and drills, they last 5-10 times longer, so order quantities based on your particular need.