Softball Pitching Coaching with Denny Tincher

Denny and Angela TincherDenny is the father and pitching instructor for Angela Tincher, 2008 College Player of the Year. Angela stunned the world in 2008 with a no-hitter against the U.S. Olympic Team, had the lowest ERA in the country for two consecutive years, and finished her career as one of the top 3 in NCAA record books for total strikeouts, as well as average number of strikeouts per game. In a sport where dominating pitchers tend to be well over 6-feet in height, people often ask us how a pitcher like Angela, just 5’7″, could pitch at speeds around 68-mph, achieve so much movement on the ball, and establish herself among the top pitchers in the college softball record books.

We call it Fluid Dynamics, a technique that freely transfers the body’s energy for ultimate advantage on the mound. It allows pitchers to utilize their natural strengths, specific to the female body, in ways they might not have considered previously.

In the past 20 years, we have seen softball hitting evolve dramatically, yet pitching has not seen a single advancement, until now. Fluid Dynamics, from Tincher Pitching, is quickly gaining a following with pitchers, instructors, colleges, and teams across the country.

Simply put, it works! In the past two years over 60 of Denny's students have continued their careers on the D1 college level, while many others chose to play D2, D3, NAIA or JUCO. That number continues to grow. Read further to see why...


"Denny is an innovator. His approach is unique but when he explains it, it makes perfect sense. My daughter feels strong and loose pitching, something she had never felt before." - Mike Banker, West Des Moines, Iowa

"Denny Tincher has been our daughter's coach for the past two years, and her speed, movement and confidence has increased tenfold. Denny's knowledge of pitching and ability to relate to teenage girls is unlike any other coach she has worked with. He has taught her to feel the pitch and use that immediate feedback to self-correct. He is so good at what he does that we have traveled 6 hours each way for a one hour lesson. " – Michael and Margaret Ansbro, Woodstock, Virginia