Softball Pitching Coaching by Denny Tincher

Denny is the father and pitching instructor for Angela Tincher, 2008 College Player of the Year. Angela stunned the world in 2008 with a no-hitter against the U.S. Olympic Team, had the lowest ERA in the country for two consecutive years, and finished her career as one of the top 3 in NCAA record books for total strikeouts, as well as average number of strikeouts per game.

In a sport where dominating pitchers tend to be well over 6-feet in height, people often ask us how a pitcher like Angela, just 5’7″, could pitch at speeds around 68-mph, achieve so much movement on the ball, and establish herself among the top pitchers in the college softball record books.

We call it Fluid Dynamics, a technique that freely transfers the body’s energy for ultimate advantage on the mound. It allows pitchers to utilize their natural strengths, specific to the female body, in ways they might not have considered previously.

In the past 20 years, we have seen softball hitting evolve dramatically, yet pitching has not seen a single advancement, until now. Fluid Dynamics, from TincherPitching, is quickly gaining a following with pitchers, instructors, colleges, and teams across the country.

Simply put, it works! In the past two years over 60 of Denny's students have continued their careers on the D1 college level, while many others chose to play D2, D3, NAIA or JUCO. That number continues to grow. Read further to see why...

"Denny is an innovator. His approach is unique but when he explains it, it makes perfect sense. My daughter feels strong and loose pitching, something she had never felt before." - Mike Banker, West Des Moines, Iowa

Denny Tincher has been our daughter's coach for the past two years, and her speed, movement and confidence has increased tenfold. Denny's knowledge of pitching and ability to relate to teenage girls is unlike any other coach she has worked with. He has taught her to feel the pitch and use that immediate feedback to self-correct. He is so good at what he does that we have traveled 6 hours each way for a one hour lesson. –Michael and Margaret Ansbro, Woodstock, Virginia

My daughter started seeing Denny when we felt like we had hit a wall and needed a fresh perspective on pitching. In the first lesson he simplified the mechanics of pitching to real world experiences that she could relate to and that made sense to her. By helping her understand the fluid dynamics of pitching she has not only improved her speed and movement on her pitches, but her confidence has grown ten-fold, not just thinking she can play at the next level, but she truly believes with Denny's continued support that she will get there. She looks forward to the lessons and really enjoys Denny's unique way of communicating what they are trying to accomplish. Mike Decker, Roanoke, Virginia

"We came to Denny with our then 15 yr old daughter who was recovering from a double stress fracture in her back (L5). She had sat her Varsity season as a Sophomore. Her shoulder had also been hurting for about a year. We knew that something had to change or she was not going to be pitching much longer.

From the first email, to the first chat by phone, to the first scheduled lesson we were thrilled. Denny is prompt, clear, committed and he appears to be an answer to our prayers. We have driven 8 hours each way twice over 3 months so far and we would gladly do it again. It has been worth every mile and every dollar. His knowledge and research into mechanics that work for a female body is commendable at the least. Our daughter has had no pain in her back whatsoever and her shoulder pain has been reduced the more she corrects her motion.

Not only have we enjoyed his humor, straight forwardness and love for the skillset, our daughter has increased her throwing speed by 4 -5 mph after being "stuck" for 3 years. It has catapulted her back into the game and onto a top team in Michigan. We have a happy healthy daughter doing what she was meant to do." - Leslie Lenderman, Rochester Hills, Michigan

We started seeing Denny after joining a new travel ball organization. They watched my daughter and immediately told us to have Denny work with her. After several years of seeming to maintain the same velocity we felt we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. Within just a few lessons she did indeed pick up several miles per hour. Also she loved going to lessons with him and her attitude really changed. Pitching wasn't a chore, it was a joy again. She recently verballed to a D1 school. Denny works with girls to use their physical makeup to gain maximum power. It seems so simple when he tells girls to throw like girls. We can't thank him enough for all he's done for my daughter." - Lynn Thrower, Lexington, North Carolina

Our family is absolutely in awe of Denny’s abilities as a coach. He is not only the best pitching coach that we’ve ever seen. He is, quite simply, the best coach that we’ve ever seen. Since we live on the West Coast, we meet with Denny about twice a year, for 2-3 days each time. You might think that the 2-3 hour lessons each day would be taken at a leisurely pace, but they are each jam-packed with instruction, drills, and spot-on feedback. Denny’s approach is remarkable in several ways:
1. His ability to communicate with young women in a way that is positive and fun, yet also demanding. He works to bring out the best in each young woman.
2. His ability to look at the entire pitch, spot specific errors, and discover the root cause of those errors. Then, he has an entire arsenal of drills, each aimed at developing muscle memory of the right movements.
3. His enthusiasm for learning. He is interested not only in finding out what works for pitchers, but also in finding out why it works. Every time that we come to see him, we aren’t just covering all of the old points all over again, we are learning new and better approaches.
4. His insistence on incorporating the entire family into the learning process. He understands that it’s the moms and dads who will be working with the pitchers between lessons, encouraging their daughters, holding to them to the standards and commitments that they’ve set for themselves." -Michael Kristo-Santa Clara, California.

"Denny has made more of a difference in an amazingly short period of time than any other pitching coach that we have ever had. His lessons always result in an immediate improvement and he is always looking for innovative ways to help that make sense and are easily understood. We sometimes drive a long way for the lessons, but would drive a lot further if we had to." - Tommy Waldrop, Georgia.

I have taken my daughter to camps, clinics, and lessons across the mid-Atlantic and can honestly say that Denny Tincher is the best instructor we have been fortunate enough to work with. His many years of experience have given him a special insight into the mechanics and fundamentals of pitching and he does an excellent job of relaying that knowledge to his students.” – Craig Thompson, Bristol, Virginia.

"Our 16yr old daughter after going to numerous pitching instructors seemed to hit a plateau with her pitches. We have seen Denny three times now and she has made significant improvement and she continues to improve. We have him to thank for her success. Our daughter looks forward to her sessions with Denny." -Clifford Coho, East Freedom, PA

"My daughter hit a plateau after a few years of showing decent, but not outstanding results. However, she began showing constant pain in her shoulder and back, which discouraged her from trying harder and progressing. Denny's change in pitching style, combined with his calm demeanor and sound advice, changed my daughter's outlook and performance. Her confidence and her effectiveness as pitcher are increasing. I know we are finally seeing her true potential as a player and person." – Brian Lytle, Street, Maryland

What sets us apart?

Our goal is to help your pitcher discover ways to perform much more smoothly, lengthen the stride, engage legs more fully, and enjoy safe and healthy pitching mechanics.Traditional methods encourage “static flexion” and they are anything but fluid; static meaning sudden stops and tightness is forced into the form...flexion often forces one muscle to work against another. There is not another sport where tightness is encouraged in order to create acceleration. It leads to frustration and that familiar feeling among pitchers that they are missing something that could make them so much better. The body feels it is going in several different directions, and they often say that the harder they try the worse it gets.

TincherPitching encourages a loose and fluid pitching motion, with the emphasis on utilizing the female body in the way it was designed so that it can build energy from the ground upward and allow the free flow of energy from the legs to the fingertips. We all know that the best pitchers make it look effortless and they appear to get far more out of the pitch than they put into it.

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"Denny is rewriting female pitching fundamentals the way that his daughter, Angela, rewrote NCAA record books. What makes him truly unique? For starters, years of studying female biomechanics with doctors and trainers. Combine that extensive knowledge with his personal journey, his creativity, and his tremendous ability to communicate and it just doesn't get any better."

-Mike Mertz
Virginia Glory 99

"Denny is a pro's pro! I've had the honor to collaborate with him on a number of events and his students always leave with a greater knowledge of how their body works but more importantly their passion for pitching is always taken to new heights. He treats each student as an individual and challenges himself to teach each student how she can reach her goals. Quite simply, he is the best!"

-Suzy Willemssen
Willemssen Fastpitch Training
Fairfax Station, VA