The Things That Got You There…..

…won’t always get you to the next level.

The greatest advice I can give you is this. You do not get “do overs”. Help her do it right the first time. Do not wait to see if the things she is doing at this level will take her to the next level.

Focus on two levels higher and begin making the adjustments she will need to succeed there today. Find someone who has developed pitchers at the level she dreams, repeatedly. Don’t just take their word for it, but do your research. Find someone who has the experience to tell you “what you do not know”.

As we develop kids, we like to say, “If you are good, we want to make you great. If you are great we want to make you amazing. If you are amazing, we want to build an All-American. Too many kids are driving with the headlights on dim. Let’s put them on bright and see what is out there for you”.

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