Marissa Bowman

Charleston, South Carolina

 Following her high-school career as a First-Team All-State player, First-Team All-Timesland selection, Region and District player of the year, and VHSCA all-star, Marissa attended and graduated with honors from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Master’s Degree in Higher Education. Using her experiences as a player and always studying the game of softball, Marissa quickly jumped back into coaching at both the travel and varsity high-school level. Marissa has served as a coach in North Carolina, Virginia, and is currently coaching in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. With 8 years of coaching and teaching under her belt, Marissa wanted to expand her knowledge of the game by studying the science of pitching. Marissa’s love of learning and curiosity about Tincher Development Systems led her to begin studying with Denny. After just one lesson, Marissa was hooked and ready to progress towards becoming an instructor.

Why did Marissa choose to work with Tincher Pitching?  “After studying with Denny, I knew I was in trouble – in the best way! I love Denny’s ability to uniquely connect with each of his students and how this organization has differentiated instructional techniques. I quickly realized the approach isn’t a “one size fits all.” Each player can reach their full potential because of the individualized attention during the lessons and drills. Denny’s strategies for providing feedback to improve performance and the wealth of knowledge he graciously shares is a driving force for my own pursuit of wanting to be a part of this incredible organization.”

What does Denny like about Marissa?  He says, “She came in the door enthusiastic, smiling, and asking incredible questions.  She engages with students so naturally, reads them well, and finds unique ways to meet their needs.  She doesn’t want to be good…she wants to be great, and it shows in her work.”

Locations served: Charleston, South Carolina