Kate Olson

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Kate started pitching at the age of eight and absolutely fell in love with the game. Growing up she was very involved with competitive travel ball where she lead her team to many regional and national titles. Kate was also a stand out athlete in the Sate of Delaware receiving many accolades throughout her high school varsity career such as, but not limited to all-state recognitions and MVP for the Senior Blue/Gold game where she struck out eight of the nine batters she faced. Kate also participated in the first ever Carpenter Cup series where she helped lead Delaware South to the championship. After graduating in 2006, she went on to pitch for Wilmington University where she excelled and was recognized throughout her conference and nationally for her achievements. Kate graduated early with her undergraduate degree in Legal Studies and went on to obtain her Graduate degree in Public Administration. Kate has recently relocated to South Carolina with her husband and two sons where she is taking her passion of softball and paying to forward.

Here is what Kate says about Tincher Pitching:

“When I first started instructional work with kids I taught the “old school” method because that is exactly what I was taught and frankly, all I knew. I was successful throughout my career but I always felt like I had more in me and I just couldn’t completely reach my potential. I felt that I was getting my girls to a level where they were just about to break through but they, nor I, could cross that barrier. I started doing some research which led me to a former teammate and friend who became certified with Fluid Dynamics. I began to follow her and the success of her students closely and was really intrigued by what was happening. Everything that I was seeing was so smooth, so effortless – completely different from how, not only I pitched, but how my students pitched. What I realized was that I was doing them a disservice. I reached out to Denny and he invited me to my first weekend clinic and I left completely mind blown. I was beyond excited! I knew that I had to keep on this journey and absorb all that I could from this man and his organization. Denny is so passionate, so informative and has so much drive to not only make his kids better, but also his instructors. All of my girls have drastically improved both physically and mentally since switching to the Tincher method and I couldn’t be more thrilled to guide them on that journey.”


Here is what Denny has to say about Kate:  Once she sets her mind to something, Kate is going to get there.  The first few times we met she was rather quiet during her training, but I now realize that she was listening, observing, and making sure she totally understood concepts.  As training continued, she began to step forward and help kids make huge strides in their development.  I like people who are not going to quit until they find the right answer, who pour themselves fully into their students, and who look for that one best way to help each kid find her path.  Kate is stubborn, in all of the right ways, and we like her a lot!