Crystal O’Brien

Crystal O’Brien

Youngstown, Ohio

Crystal O’Brien grew up in the Youngstown, Ohio area and was always known for being an exceptional softball player and pitcher. Although she had softball in her future with several D1 offers, life had other plans for her, unfortunately. After graduating and softball being on the back burner for several years, Crystal became a mother, and yes, that daughter developed a passion for softball and pitching.  Not only did it go very well for her, but other people began to ask Crystal to help with their athletes.

She ended up leaving her full-time job in 2016, and she and her husband (who also coaches with her, and left his full-time job), decided to dedicate their lives to fastpitch softball, and it has snowballed ever since. They branded their family business, Home Fastpitch Training, LLC,  and give lessons full time out of their facility in Youngstown, Ohio.

How did Crystal choose to be part of Tincher Pitching?  She says, “I sought out Denny Tincher, with in all honesty, just thinking I’d pay the price to have him come drop his knowledge at a clinic for my students, and probably never see him again. I learned quickly after having a conversation with him though, that’s not how he operates.  He asked ME questions that seemed like he was genuinely concerned with who I was. After about an hour-long convo, he invited me to a training event in Manheim, PA (about 6 hours from me). After heavy deliberation, we decided to pack our family of 5 and take the trip. Hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned very quickly that this “organization” wasn’t about ego, fame or money. It truly had people who genuinely cared for their athletes, and were committed to keeping them safe. After sharing the weekend learning, we left with an excitement that is similar to a kid the night before Christmas. It seriously changed, not only my students’ lives but mine as well. Since that initial weekend, I’ve traveled to New York, Florida, Indiana and Toledo, twice, to further my training, and it gets more exciting at each event.  Tincher Pitching is not a “technique”.  it is truly a lifestyle, and one that I’m sure glad I chose.”

What does Denny say about Crystal?  “This Instructor is enthusiastic.  Incredibly so.  She is hungry, always on the hunt for better ways to help her students, and brings me so many questions about all aspects of pitching.  I have met several of her kids.  The work she is doing is impressive.”