Chrissy Semler

Bridgewater, Massachusettes

Chrissy continues to work with her existing students, but cannot accept new students at this time.


Chrissy Semler, MA, LMHC, CC-AASP strives to intertwine her immense knowledge of sport psychology with the physical and mental aspects of softball. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently working towards her Doctoral Degree in sport and performance psychology. Chrissy is a certified consultant for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor.


As a sport psychotherapist and sport psychology consultant, Chrissy works with individuals on clinical and sport related issues; works with sports teams to improve overall improvement using sport psychology; and travels to provide workshops, presentations, seminars, consultations, and individual sessions to many clients throughout the United States.




Here is what Chrissy says about Tincher Pitching:  “Ever since I started giving pitching lessons in 2001 I struggled to find opportunities to learn from others. Countless opportunities are available in other professions to gain knowledge by sharing ideas. I found that most pitching instructors simply teach the way they were taught, especially if they were former players. I was plagued with injuries as a pitcher, so I knew there had to be a better way to pitch. When I came across Denny, I realized we shared very similar ideas. I was incredibly skeptical because I honestly thought “What could some father of a pitcher know about pitching that I don’t know?” I asked him a ton of questions and expected him to start talking about hello elbow or something else that always makes me cringe. When he passed all of my tests (and I passed his), he invited me to study with him in Virginia. After spending about an hour with Denny, I quickly realized that here is a man who has dedicated his life to learning everything he can about pitching. Denny is someone who uses research to develop best practices rather than doing things because “they have always been done that way” or because “I think that is how it works.” He looks to understand the science behind the best approaches, and proof from watching pitchers develop. He was not just some “typical pitcher’s father” who decided to become a coach because of his daughter success; he was actually a big part of his daughter’s success. Not only is Denny a major resource but he is also responsible for building a powerhouse of instructors who learn from each other. In the course of the past year as an instructor with Tincher Pitching, I have gained more knowledge than I was able to after many years on my own! We bounce ideas off each other, and together we are stronger than any individual instructor could possibly be on earth. I get to learn something new each day, and I can feel confident knowing my students are getting the best possible information available.

This is what Denny has to say about Chrissy:  Chrissy is a dynamo.  Energetic, enthusiastic, competitive, and best of all she brings special knowledge to the group.  Her understanding of ways to help us break through mental barriers with kids and to help them reach higher, faster, and stronger, are invaluable.  Everyone talks about the mental game.  Chrissy has the credentials that demonstrate she on an entirely different level and we all benefit from that.