Softball Performance Network

We are so excited to announce the next generation of strength training, specially designed for the female athlete.  The Softball Performance Network is, without question, the best possible way to help your softball player develop.  It begins with a very specific assessment of her needs and a program to address any issues we identify.  It can be a customized as needed.

As President of the nation’s largest and most progressive pitching organization, Denny Tincher began to notice that many pitchers were unable to move efficiently and effectively, lacked body awareness, and a startling number of new students arrived with injuries. Denny Tincher began working closely to change these things, enlisting the help of one of the nation’s top strength trainers, Robbie Hebert, (ABEAR Performance Training).

Years of study led to an exciting new system that allows pitchers to be as specific as they want in assessing individual needs and customizing workouts to address those needs. Denny Tincher says this is something he has always wanted, “There are certain strength patterns that allow girls to excel. We can watch a kid walk into a facility and throw overhand and have a pretty good idea of her pitching potential. It is not just size, athleticism, or determination, but does she move efficiently, is she using the right parts of the body for power, and does she comfortably get to the right places to produce power?”

Robbie has spent years working with softball players and began to notice very specific patterns within these young ladies. He says, “The best drills, the best attempts to build her mechanics, and the best competition in the world are of little help if she has poor flexibility and mobility, weakness in the core, or if she does not have the body awareness to move in the most efficient ways to make a ball explode out of her hand or to create dramatic movement. We see far too many kids try to take shortcuts, and that only ends in frustration or injury”.

Robbie collaborated with dozens of Tincher Pitching Certified Instructors to create the Softball Performance Network. Efficient, explosive, healthy, fluid, stronger, and even targeted specifically to the needs of each player if desired. This is a game changer.

This program will evolve every month, always getting more challenging, to help her reach peak performance earlier, in more healthy fashion, and to allow things to come to her so much easier on the field.  The results from our tests have been beautiful.  We begin with a thorough assessment of her strength patterns, identifying muscle imbalances, flexibility and mobility issues, and places where the correct muscles were simply never developed.  The program is designed to also aid tremendously in creating body awareness, so kids can more easily make adjustments on the mound, at the plate, or in the field.

To learn more about the Softball Performance Network, and to set up an appointment for a full body assessment with one of our Performance Specialists, go to: