Our Instructors


Certified Fluid Dynamics Instructors who have met and exceeded the number of training hours of studying with us are listed below. A lot of people have attempted to copy our techniques, but are neither trained nor Certified to do so. Instructors listed below have demonstrated proficiency in teaching Fluid Dynamics and contribute to both research and development of training technique daily. If someone claims to be a Certified Instructor but is not listed below, they are simply not one of us.

Instructors who are currently studying with us working towards their certification are listed below:

  • Margie Knight – Salisbury, Maryland
  • Jenn Harty – Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Shellie Wimpey – Rockingham, NC
  • Elizabeth Price – Austin, Texas
  • Kendra Pate – Houston, Texas
  • Jessica Low -Mountain Home, Arkansas
  • Larry Scott – Swainsboro, Georgia
  • Millie Scott – Hiawassee, Georgia
  • Maci Fletcher – Buford, Georgia
  • Caitlin McCann – Brooklyn, New York
  • Kim Wright – Vancouver, Canada
  • Chloe Wurst – Dodge City, Kansas
  • Doug Peterson – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Ashley O’Beirne – Wood-Ridge, NJ and Wyckoff, NJ
  • Taylor Waldrop – Buford & Canon, GA/Chattanooga, TN
  • Crystal OBrien – Youngstown, Ohio
  • Carolyn Ruwe – Ashburn, Virginia
  • April Charles – Pikeville, Kentucky
  • Keri Bourdage – Gainesville, Florida

DISCLOSURE:  Each instructor is an independent agent.  Tincher Pitching Certification indicates that they have completed a very thorough training program with us, and have achieved the necessary criteria to assure that they are competent in every aspect of our form.  That is the limit of our association.   As independent agents each instructor is responsible for his or her own actions.  They do not work for our company and we cannot be liable for any injury or other risk that may occur through your working with them.


Hampton Roads, VABenson/New Bern, NC
Westchester, NY
Joliet, IL
Jen Mineau_photoJen Mineau
Philadelphia, PA
Schaghticoke, NY
Adrienne Walker-Chery_photoAdrienne Walker-Chery
Atlanta/Buford, GA
San Leon/Galveston County, Texas
Angie Buckem_photoAngie Buckem
Dunwoody, GA
Lehigh Valley, Whitehall, Wilkes Barre, PA
 Austin Murray
Greenville, SC
Brian Hensley_photoBrian Hensley
Lynchburg, VA
Carrie Markham photoCarrie Markham Gutierrez
Greater Phoenix, AZ
Chris Cauthorne_photoChris Cauthorne
Richmond, VA
Mike Mertz2Mike Mertz
Northern Va/Metro DC
Nicole Thomas2Nicole Thomas
Delaware, MD, NJ/Philly
Suzy Willemssen2Suzy Willemssen
Fairfax Station, VA
Ritchie Jacobs2Ritchie Jacobs
Ashburn, VA
Meghan VrotsosMeghan Vrotsos
Madison, WI/Irwin, IA
Shelly FarrisShelly Farris
Newark, DE
Steve FrewSteve Frew
Orlando, FL
Mobile, AL
North Augusta, SC
Augusta, GA
Krista Trimble
Columbia/Bishopville, SC
Brett AndersonBrett Anderson
Raleigh, NC
Brooke WilkinsBrooke Wilkins
Fayetteville, NC
Seabrook, NH
 Jeff Andes
Mayville, WI
Jenn Newman photoJenn Newman
Toledo, OH
Brighton, MI
Danielle Fishburn photoDanielle Fishburn
Northern VA
Laura Rothrock photoLaura Rothrock
Indianapolis, IN
Heather Pomilio photoHeather Pomilio
Long Island, NY
Kama Tucker photoKama Tucker
Wilmington, NC
Piemont Triad Region, NC
Laurie Mumma
Manheim, PA
 Lehigh Valley, Whitehall, PA
jamie Reno photo
North Central, Ohio
Schaghticoke, NY
Virginia Beach, VA
Maureen Kleczkowsk
Rockaway Township, NJ

Amy Harper
West Lafayette, IN
Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey
Taylor Emmons
Lehigh Valley, Whitehall, Wilkes Barre, PA
Janesville, WI
Cedar Rapids, IA
Chrissy Semler
Bridgewater, MA
Anna Lauterbach
Pittsburg/Western, PA
 Irwin, IA
Cleveland, OH

Abby Tincher
Gulf Coast area, Alabama
Lehigh Valley, Whitehall, PA
Chicagoland, Illinois

Whitney Foster
Brookland, Arkansas
Bunker Hill, West Virginia
Concord/Charlotte, NC
Patrick Girigorie