Katie Buskirk – Certified Instructor

Katie has played softball since she was 5 years old. She started playing in the recreation leagues throughout the Nazareth area, played tournament softball in the Lehigh Valley and played for Nazareth High School, where the team won the league championship in 2010. Katie was a pitcher throughout recreation, tournament and high school softball. Following high school, she continued her softball career at Northampton Community College where she played for two years, the maximum amount of time at a junior college. Katie continued her education at East Stroudsburg University graduating with a degree in Business Management. After her Junior College stint Katie began giving private pitching instruction and began coaching, as a volunteer, at Liberty High School with the Varsity Softball team during the 2014 spring season. In the spring of 2015 she took over as the head JV coach at Liberty High School. In two seasons she led the junior varsity team to 27 wins and 7 losses. Katie is currently the Head Varsity coach at Palisades High School, where she plans to take the program to new heights. Katie joins us at 7 Deadly Spins after deciding to further her pitching knowledge and continue to help younger pitchers reach their goals throughout their softball career. One thing Katie looks back on throughout her softball days is always remembering how much she looked up to her pitching instructor and what a positive influence her pitching instructor had on her.  Katie says “I always looked forward to going to my pitching lessons and catching up with my pitching coach. She was like the big sister I never had. She always supported my goals and pushed me to achieve them. I want to be that idol to the pitchers I work with. I want them to look up to me, just like I looked up to my pitching instructor years ago”

Here is what Katie says about joining Tincher Pitching: 

“I have known about Tincher Pitching and 7 Deadly Spins for many years. I never knew what it was all about. Through coaching, I would come across pitchers on my teams who were involved in Tincher. I would always ask them what it was all about but never had a clear vision. Giving private lessons here and there, I knew if I wanted to excel my knowledge and coaching expertise, I needed to make a move. I also knew the 7 Deadly Spins was now a mecca of pitching in the Lehigh Valley area and I knew I needed to be apart of it. I reached out to Alex McLean at 7 Deadly Spins and she was thrilled to hear from me. We talked it through, I shadowed her a few times and eventually set up a time to speak to Denny. Once I spoke to Denny, I was very excited for this new opportunity. I first worked with Denny in December of 2017 and was officially sold on Tincher Pitching. Everything he taught the pitchers and myself at the time, just clicked, just made so much sense. Super excited at that point, I decided to attend the 2018 Tincher Pitching Convention. It is safe to say, that was one of the best experiences in my softball career/history. So informational, fun and the people I met, from fellow instructors to pitchers themselves, were all truly amazing.”

Here is what Denny says about Katie:

“Quick to smile, energetic, and ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work.  Katie has as much fun as the kids and you can see that every kid, individually, is special to her.  She looks for unique ways to connect with them and help bring out their best.  What more could we want from an Instructor?”

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Email: operations@7deadlyspinsfastpitch.com 

Phone Number:  610-597-6099