Do Not Copy the Wrong Things

In every pitcher’s motion, there are two specific types of movements:

1-Those which give her speed and power.
2-Those which are necessary to compensate for other problems within in her motion that are robbing her of speed and power. [Read more…]


Everyone In NASCAR Has A Big Engine

While sitting in the stands at a University of Florida game a few years ago, I began considering different things that brought two consecutive National Championships to Gainesville. [Read more…]


Which College Camp Will Help Me Most?

We field this question repeatedly. The answer is simple. What is your purpose for attending a college camp? Today we look at the good and bad side of college camps. [Read more…]


Wrong Conclusions

A good magician fools your eyes. You are distracted by one hand while the other performs the “magic”. As humans, our eyes are often drawn to the wrong place. [Read more…]


How To Be a Better “Dad & Coach”

When your daughters become interested in softball, many dads get very excited. Most of us played sports in some capacity, whether in school or the backyard. This is something we can do together! We dig up an old glove and jump right into it with her.

It does not take long before we become confused. [Read more…]


The Definition of Insanity

There is a good chance that every one of my students can finish this sentence, “The definition of insanity is…….” (You got it) “…doing the same thing over and over again, in the same way, and expecting a different result.”

Every week we receive way too many calls from pitchers we have never met, wondering if we can help them get to the next level. [Read more…]


Good Game, My Friends

Good sportsmanship means that I respect the effort and sacrifices you put into your game, your profession, or any worthwhile goal. Are we missing the opportunity to pass this ideal to the next generation?

In our first foray into travel ball, we saw an interesting dynamic. [Read more…]


She Does Not Need to Be Fixed…

She needs to be understood. The chances of a great 12U pitcher still going strong in college are almost zero. The chances of a great 18U pitcher being the number-1 pitcher at a good D1 school are very small. [Read more…]


Handling the Nerves

The best questions come from parents. This week we were asked how to help her overcome nerves. [Read more…]


The 80/20 Rule

It’s pretty simple. Eighty-percent of a pitcher’s success is determined by the movements she makes in the last twenty-percent of the pitch. But… [Read more…]